Brief Introduction to IBM Cognos Analytics – Part 2

Ways of Accessing the Contents of IBM Cognos Analytics

  • My Content – sliding pane with consumer’s personal content
  • My Inbox
  • My Home – consumer’s start page, can be set to any page to which the consumer has permission
  • Team Content – public (team’s) content
  • Search – lightweight and scalable search engine searching for content within the portal
  • Recent – shows last 20 items the consumer has accessed. (no data modules)

Drill-through Definition

“Drill-through Definition” is one of the amazing features of Cognos Analytics.

Drill-through definition is used for navigating to a target report from a source report. The drill-through definition passes a value from a source report to a target report. Drill-through definitions can be for a package or from a report.

Drill-through definitions are applied to packages, which means that you can navigate from a source report created using a package, to a target report that uses the same package.

Report Run Options

The following Options are available to be specified while a report is run :

  • Delivery methods such as saving as a report view, emailing the report output or sending the report to mobile devices
  • Which Language to be used within the report
  • Schedule to run the report
  • Whether the report is to be run in the background or not
  • Accessibility support
  • Report output format (excel, excel data, pdf, html, csv)



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