MQ Tips – Using RESOLVE CHANNEL Command

The MQSC command of IBM MQ can be used for requesting a channel to commit or back out in-doubt messages.

For example, when two queue managers QM1 and QM2 are connected by a sender & Receiver channels and server hosting QM2 suddenly crashes, the sender channel might go to in-doubt state. In such case, it can be resolved and message recovered using “RESOLVE CHANNEL(channel name) ACTION(BACKOUT)”.

This command is used when the other end of a link fails during the confirmation period, and for some reason it is not possible to reestablish the connection. In this situation the sending end remains in doubt as to whether the messages were received. Any outstanding units of work must be resolved by being backed out or committed. This command can be used only for sender (SDR), server (SVR), and cluster-sender (CLUSSDR) channels (including those that have been defined automatically). If the resolution specified is not the same as the resolution at the receiving end, messages can be lost or duplicated.

Command Format (distributed):



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