Netflix launches support for Firefox on Linux

Linux users have a new option if they want to watch Netflix — the streaming service is now compatible with Firefox for the platform. Before this, only Google Chrome could play videos from the website outright. There was even a time when users had to make sure they’re using a version of Chrome with the required Encrypted Media Extension (EME) support. Sure, they could trick the platform into thinking they’re on Chrome when they’re actually using Firefox. That’s easy enough to set up for someone with a Linux PC. But this development means there are no extra steps to take to enjoy Netflix on Mozilla’s browser.

In fact, users don’t have to install any plug-in, and they certainly don’t have to borrow Chrome’s digital rights management (DRM) as a workaround for the limitation anymore. Mozilla added EME support for Firefox on Linux last year, allowing the browser to play encrypted content. It might have taken the organization some time to enable playback of DRM-protected HTML5 videos, but now that it’s here, Linux users can simply load the website on Firefox and hit play.


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