Microsoft Windows 10 S offers streamlined security and performance while restricting installation of applications

Microsoft’s new Windows 10 S is a specific configuration of Windows 10 Pro that offers a familiar, productive Windows experience that’s streamlined for security and performance. However, applications can only be installed through Windows store. Microsoft says “By exclusively using apps in the Windows Store and ensuring that you browse safely with Microsoft Edge, Windows 10 S keeps you running fast and secure day in and day out.”

Windows 10 S will force the users to use Bing as the search engine and Edge as the default browser. This is because, right now, there are no third-party browsers available at Windows store.  You can’t change the search engine from Bing. Even if you could get another browser from Windows in the future, Edge will override all the time, such as whenever you click on a HTML document. You can, if you’re desperate, bookmark Google or Duck Duck Go, or similar, and use that button to look stuff up.

In case you download a new application from another site and attempt to install it, Windows 10 S will ask you to upgrade the OS to Windows 10 pro at an extra cost of $49.

Windows 10 S was inspired by students and teachers. Microsoft’s FAQ says :

By limiting apps to those in the Windows Store, Windows 10 S is ideal for people who have everything they need in the Windows Store and prefer the peace of mind that comes with removing the risk of downloading apps from other places.


Windows 10 S is available on a number of inexpensive laptops from major computer manufacturers including Dell, HP, and Acer. The cheapest laptop will start at just $189.


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