Nintendo say goodbye to 3DS

On April 12, Nintendo held an online “Nintendo Direct” presentation, which the company claimed would focus primarily on the upcoming Switch games Arms and Splatoon 2. The entire presentation lasted about 40 minutes, the last 10 of which were devoted to the aforementioned games and the Switch itself.  Other Switch games briefly mentioned during the presentation included Payday 2, which is a port of a 2013 game, Minecraft, which is available on practically every other system already, and Rayman Legends, which came to the Wii U nearly four years ago.

The remainder of the Nintendo Direct focused on the 3DS – a handheld that originally launched in 2012. Nintendo’s library of upcoming games for the machine is certainly impressive, with Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and multiple Kirby games on the way—impressive enough to make Switch owners jealous. Nintendo should consider bringing the best upcoming 3DS games to the Switch as well, where they’ll be greeted by an eager new audience and can receive a sizable graphical upgrade.

Last month, the 3DS saw the release of Mario Sports Superstars, a game that bundles together a few of the portly plumber’s favorite sports into one package. Though not an ugly game by any stretch of the imagination, the blurry visuals and aliasing common on 3DS games don’t make it an ideal platform for sports, and especially not ones that require quick reactions like baseball. The 3DS’ tiny screen, particularly on the original model, doesn’t help, either.

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