Oracle to use Kubernetes for managing cloud containers

Oracle will be partnering with CoreOS and using Kubernetes in order to manage its cloud containers.

Bob Quillin, VP of the Oracle Container Group, announced at CoreOS Fest in San Fransisco that Oracle would support Kubernetes for both its customers and in-house. As for containers, Oracle has already committed to Docker.

Timothy J Fontaine, the Oracle software engineer in charge of Kubernetes, blogged :

We are … teaming up with CoreOS to bring CoreOS Container Linux to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. As such, developers will be empowered to leverage the performance and secure features of CoreOS Container Linux for enterprise workloads by combining the leading optimized Linux operating system and the industry’s most comprehensive and high performance cloud platform.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be phasing in our efforts, starting first with participating in community channels. We understand that helping the community succeed will improve Kubernetes for everyone, including Oracle. So, we will demonstrate our commitment to improving Kubernetes and bolstering its community by helping to answer questions on Slack, StackOverflow, and GitHub issues.

Earlier this year, Oracle acquired Wercker, a Dutch startup that specialises in Docker and Kubernetes management tools. As a result of this, Oracle now has  Click2Kube, a one click Kubernetes cluster installer for the Oracle Bare Metal Cloud.

About this partnership, Brandon Philips, CoreOS’s CTO said :

The continued interest of organizations in Kubernetes reflects the people, the customers and the users that are getting on board with the whole container and orchestration system.

Recently CoreOS started wrapping Kubernetes into its Linux platform.  With its Oracle partnership and latest release of its Kubernetes platform (Tectonic), CoreOS is on the move from a Linux company to a container manager power.

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